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Bamboo Fly Rod

So you made the investment in a Bamboo Fly Rod and with the proper care and maintenance your Bamboo Fly Rod will give you years of enjoyment and service. Taking the time to follow these maintenance tips will ensure that your Bamboo Fly Rod will endure the demands that fly fishing puts on the fly rod.

These tips will ensure your purchase of a bamboo fly rod was an excellent choice, after all you have moved up to Bamboo and I m sure that you don t want to have to switch back to some other type of Fly fishing Rod!

Cleaning the metal ferrules

I like to use Vaseline petroleum jelly putting a small amount on the male ferrule and putting it in and out of the female ferrule a few times the petroleum jelly loosens the build up and protects the metal from oxidation. Use a small cotton swap or Q-tip to remove any excess Vaseline in the female section and a clean dry cloth on the male section and out side part of the female ferrule. For stubborn stains and dirt build up you can use denatured alcohol just be sure not to get this on the varnish. If you happened to purchase a used Bamboo Fly Rod and the ferrules have oxidized you can use a very fine grit sand paper to remove the oxidation. Use caution not to remove to much metal as this will affect the way the ferrules fit together.

Polishing bamboo fly rods

The Bamboo Fly Rod is more then just a fishing rod it is a piece of art. You should wipe them clean with a clean dry cloth, this is a must if you want to keep it looking great and protected from the effect of the elements like rain, water, and dust. Use a paste type furniture polish and a soft cloth to help protect the bamboo and bring out the shine and gleam of your Bamboo Fly Rod

How to clean cork grips

You can use toothpaste, dish soap, or a mild bleach cleaner what ever you use make sure that you have removed all of the cleaner by wiping it well with a damp cloth. You don t want to leave the cleaner on the corky as it will dry the cork out excessively and make it start cracking. If the cork grip has a large amount of build up, you can use fine grit (200 or so) sandpaper to remove this build-up just use caution so you don t damage the cork.

Storing bamboo fly rods

Be sure you wipe your Bamboo Fly Rod with a clean soft cloth to make sure it is clean and dry.
If the rod is going to be store for an extended time it would be a good time to wax the rod. Separate the pieces and put them in a soft rod sack and then slip this into a protective tube. Avoid storing your Bamboo fly Rod in extreme conditions like excessive heat or moisture. Laying the tube flat is the best way to store the rod.

Buying used bamboo fly rods

Used Bamboo Fly Rods can be found at flea market and garage sales some of which are true bargains just make sure you look them over carefully. Check out the Bamboo and make sure that there are no cracks and that the seams are not starting to separate, check the grip for missing pieces insure the cork is not dried and cracking or the section are starting to separate. Put the fly rod together and check the fit of the ferrules they should be snug but not excessively tight, check the guides and windings making sure they are in good condition. If you find a Bamboo Fly Rod that passes these then you have found a true treasure.

By following these few tips I m sure that your Bamboo Fly Rod will give you a life time of enjoyment and use. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and may you enjoy your Bamboo Fly Rod for years to come

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